COVID-19 Guidance for Residential Living

Face masks

Following from the College’s mask protocol update, effective August 4, 2021, students are required to wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth in all public areas of the residence halls in which they plan to spend an extended period of time (e.g. lounges, kitchens, laundry rooms). Masks are not required in private interior spaces (e.g. bedrooms, quads, suites) and students will need to consult with those with whom they share a living configuration about what is or is not mutually acceptable. Community bathrooms are a slight caveat in that masks will largely need to be off in order to perform personal hygiene, but we encourage students to wear them to the degree possible, particularly when in close proximity to others. 

Students are free to wear masks beyond the scope of what is being required based on their comfort level. However, this guidance is largely based on an honors system and is out of an abundance of caution given the College’s vaccine requirement. Residential Life staff will not have the ability to monitor individual behavior in this regard and there should not be an expectation among students that they will. 

Guest policy

Regarding move-in, we encourage students to limit themselves to a maximum of two (2) helpers. They should also plan to communicate with roommates/suitemates about who will be arriving when. This will help avoid unnecessary crowding.

All guests of the residential system are expected to adhere to the College’s masking policy. Overnight guests must be vaccinated. There are no additional limitations at this time beyond that of the standard guest policy.

ID Card Access

Students will only have card access to their respective building of residence. Off-campus students will not have card privileges for the residence halls. Guests, including those living elsewhere on campus, will need to be let in and escorted by a resident of the building in question. 

Quarantine/Isolation Space

A limited number of spaces have been allocated for the purposes of quarantine and isolation in the event of breakthrough cases. Should the College’s Health Center staff determine that a student needs to be relocated for the health and safety of the campus community and isolating in place is not possible, the Office of Residential Life will work with them to execute that. Any student who feels ill should be proactive in contacting the Health Center to discuss their concerns and be evaluated.

Density and Social Distance

There are no specific limitations on density and social distance within the context of public spaces at this time. This is subject to change as guidance evolves through late Summer and early Fall. Updated information will be posted here and on the College’s COVID-19 webpage.