On-Campus Houses

The Grove Houses are offered to students who want the convenience of being on campus with the autonomy of a more independent living option. Students are billed for a room within a house in the same way as they would a residence hall and with the resources that come with living on campus. The houses are among the options available during the Fall Housing Selection Process for returning students in the Spring.  

Current on-campus houses include the following:

  • 1308, 1316, 1328, and 1338 W. Lovell
  • 217, 223, and 307 Monroe St.

Note: All other College houses not listed above are considered rental properties under the purview of the Office of Facilities Management. Questions and concerns should be directed to them accordingly.


Students sophomore standing or above are eligible to live in the Grove Houses. Preference will go to those who can fill an entire house, which would require a group of seven. Given that all houses have a full kitchen, residents may choose a residential meal plan, commuter plan, or none at all.

Supervision and Accountability

Students in the houses are expected to comply with all College policies as well as local, state, and federal laws. Should student behavior or care for the house become problematic, the Office of Residential Life reserves the right to change or terminate the arrangement with any student or any group at any time. One of the Area Coordinators will serve as a primary point of contact for all students in the Grove Houses, but these students may also reach out to any RA on campus with questions or concerns.