Frequently Asked Questions

New Students

Prior to submitting your housing application…

How are new students assigned to spaces?

Once a deposit is made to the College, incoming students are sent an electronic packet with a link to the housing application. Once an application is received by Residential Life, it is date-stamped and numbered. During the summer, new students are hand matched with roommates based on living habits, interests, and preferences and assigned to spaces. We take into account all of the information students provide to us, but cannot guarantee all outcomes. That is why it is very important for students to be honest and thorough when filling it out. First-year students are generally assigned to one of three first-year residence halls: Harmon, Hoben, or Trowbridge. Transfer students are generally assigned to one of three upper-class residence halls: Crissey, DeWaters, or Severn. Harmon also houses some upperclassmen. Transfer students may request a first-year building, but placement is not guaranteed. New students typically receive their housing assignment notification via their College e-mail account during July.

How do I request a single room?

There are a limited number of single rooms available, and they do cost more ($350 extra per quarter). Singles are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in a single, it is highly advised that you turn in your housing application as soon as possible. Most first-year students will be housed in double rooms with community bathrooms.

How do I request a non-community/shared style bathroom?

Most bathrooms in our first-year residence halls are community style. However, there are a limited number of semi-private (i.e. shared) bathrooms. Students may specify their preference for this on their housing application. Priority will go to students who have specific needs related to bathroom usage. Note: Students with this configuration are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms.

How will I be assigned if I am transgender or gender non-conforming?

If you have specific housing needs based on gender identity/expression, please submit your housing application by the deadline and note those needs accordingly. That is the best way of guaranteeing that they can be accommodated. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at

How do I indicate any special needs?

There is a place to indicate any special needs on the housing application. Some complex situations may require further intervention and working through Disability Services.

After submitting your housing application…

I haven’t received my housing assignment. Where can I find it?

Housing assignment notifications are sent via students’ College e-mail address during July. Only those who submitted their housing applications by the deadline will receive their assignment in this time frame.

What types of windows/window coverings are provided?

All rooms are required by law to have windows (yes, even on ground floor – Kalamazoo College is built on a hill and so are some of our buildings). The number of windows varies by room (corner room, etc.) and they all have blinds.

Does the College provide renters insurance?

No. Students are responsible for purchasing renters insurance or ensuring coverage of their items under a family policy. This was specified in the housing application you submitted.

What kind of decorations/decor are allowed?

For information please view the Room Decorations and Alterations Policy.

How big are the mattresses? Are linens provided?

Mattresses in the residential system are 36 x 79.5, which are larger than standard sized mattresses and require twin extra long sheets. Students are responsible for supplying their own mattress pads, linens, and pillows.

Are there laundry facilities in the residence halls?

Each residence hall has a laundry room for the residents of that specific hall and machines require the use of a mobile app called PayRange. Please view the Laundry Policy for other important laundry information .

Are the rooms carpeted?

All residence hall rooms have tile floors. Students are allowed to bring carpet, and many students find good quality remnants at local stores when they move in. Students also sometimes choose not to purchase carpet, but bring smaller area rugs from home. Please keep in mind that the College does not allow the use of carpet tape, as it may damage the tile.

Do you have room dimensions available?

Due to the uniqueness of individual rooms, we do not maintain specific room dimensions.

Can I come during the summer to view and/or measure my room?

Since our residence halls undergo deferred maintenance and are utilized to house student employees and summer camps, it is not possible for students to view and/or measure the rooms.

What should I bring?

A list of suggested items to bring to campus is posted annually and also distributed by the Office of Communications.

What should I not bring?

Please visit the Policies section to view a list of prohibited items. This page also includes a select list of approved appliances.

I have a medical need to have an air conditioner. What do I need to do?

Please view the Air Conditioners policy for more information.

Do the residence halls have internet access?

Each residence hall room is equipped with one Ethernet connection per student. All residence halls also offer WiFi.

What type of furniture is provided?

Each student is provided with a bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, and closet/wardrobe. Visit the Residence Halls page for more information on specific residence hall offerings.

Is cable television available?

No. The College does not provide cable TV in individual residence hall rooms.

Can I build a loft in my room? Do you provide plans/blueprints for lofts?

Lofts are not permitted in any residential facility. More detailed information is located in the loft policy.

Can I move in early?

New students may not move in prior to their specified move-in date. If you experience travel related delays the day of, please call Residential Life 269.337.7210 to let us know that you will be running late.

When do the residence halls open/close? Can I stay between quarters?

During the academic year, the residential system closes for both Winter Break (the Wednesday before Thanksgiving until the start of Winter Term in January) and also Spring Break (a week and a half, typically in March). Only students who meet specific criteria are permitted to stay over break periods. Please view the break housing page for more information and visit the important dates page for a comprehensive Residential Life calendar.

Returning Students

Are the numbers called in order during the lottery time slots?

Yes, lottery numbers are called in order during the designated time slot. However, if a student is not present, the next number will be called and the student will need to wait until the end of the session to sign up for a space. For example if a student with number 3 is not present when their number is called, the staff will move on to the next number and the student with number 3 will need to wait until the end of the time slot to sign up.

If I want to sign up for a stand-alone single (Harmon or DeWaters- not a suite) do I come in during my lottery number or during the last time slot for “people without roommates?”

Students who are interested in single rooms that are not in suites (DeWaters and Harmon) must come to the process during their housing sign up time. If a single is not available then they can be placed on the single room wait list and must return at the end of the process (during the “Late Applicant/People without Roommates” time period) to sign up for a space.

How should I sign up for housing if I identify as transgender or gender non-conforming?

Residential Life staff members are committed to working to meet the housing needs of all students in a nurturing community that values diversity and promotes the dignity of all people. Crissey and Severn residence halls offer gender-neutral suites where students can live with whomever they feel the most comfortable. Students are welcome to go through the general housing process to secure a suite, however, suites are not guaranteed. If you have special housing needs based on gender identity/expression, and feel you need further accommodations or want to look at other options, please contact Adam Kubiak, Assistant Dean of Students for Residential Life (269.337.7210 or as soon as possible prior to the housing process. The sooner you contact us, the better able we will be to accommodate your needs. More campus resources for LGBTQAI+ students can be found at the Resources for LGBTQAI+ Students website.

If I am signing up with a friend with a better lottery number do I put their lottery number on my Housing Contract or my lottery number?

Students must write their own lottery number on their Housing Contract (even if they are signing up with a friend who has a better number). This is how the Residential Life Office verifies that the student is eligible to sign up for housing.

My friend is not using their lottery number and it’s better than mine. Can they give me theirs?

Sorry! Lottery numbers are not transferable. Students may not “give away” or swap lottery numbers.

I have a class during my lottery time slot. Can I come to the process to sign up early or should I skip class to come to the process?

For fairness for everyone, students are not permitted to sign up earlier than their lottery number or the lottery number of a friend who they are living with (whichever number is better). Also, students should NEVER skip class to come to the housing process! Instead they need to designate a proxy to come in to sign up on their behalf.

I am a proxy for a friend but have just discovered that I can’t come in during their lottery time. Can I transfer my proxy to another student?

Yes! Students may make changes to their proxy plans at any time before the start of the Fall Housing Selection Process. Be sure to communicate with the friend you were originally proxy for and have them submit a new Proxy Form for another student or Residential Life staff to serve as their new proxy.

How do I sign up to live with a Visiting International Student?

Students who are interested in living with a visiting international student may express their interest at housing selection and possibly view the roster of incoming visiting international students at that time. The goal of the College is for visiting international students to live with degree-seeking students whose first language is English, so a group of students signing up for a suite may not pull in two visiting international students and put them together in a double room as roommates. In addition, due to the increased cost of single rooms, visiting international students may not be placed in single rooms unless they specifically request it on their housing application.