Petition Waiver Form

Please review the petition requirements before submitting this form.

  • Before You Proceed

    As noted in the petition requirements, you should NOT submit this form unless you have received indication from Financial Aid and/or Dining Services that you are eligible to do so and a good candidate for a successful petition. The threshold for approval is high. Incomplete petitions will not be considered.
  • Student Information

  • Include residence hall/house and room number. If you do not have a housing assignment, type N/A.
  • K College email only
  • Permanent Address

  • Waiver Information

  • Select all that apply
  • Statement of Understanding

  • By checking the box below, you give permission for College offices or personnel (e.g. Counseling or Heath Centers, Financial Aid, Residential Life) to release pertinent confidential information to the Petition Committee in consideration of your petition.