Roommate Agreement

Learning to live with someone else is all about communication. The Roommate Connections worksheet is designed to help you and your roommate discuss aspects that are important to the success of living together. You don’t have to become best friends to be good roommates. However, you do need to be willing to compromise, show respect, and keep the lines of communication open.

Although you will be given the Roommate Connections Worksheet on campus please feel free to preview all of the questions on the worksheet below. Additionally, be sure to revisit the agreement often throughout the year to make sure you and your roommate maintain a positive connection. Have a terrific year!

Roommate Connections Worksheet Preview

1. Cleaning the Room

How often will we clean? How will we share responsibilities? What about trash and recycling? With what level of cleanliness do each of us need to be comfortable?

2. Studying

What are our noise tolerances while studying? When do each of us study best—morning, afternoon, night? What activities will take priority in the room if there is a conflict?

3. Sleeping

How much sleep does each of us need? What time does each of us go to bed and wake up? What are our noise and light tolerances- lights, computer, TV, music, etc.- while sleeping? How will we work through differences in sleeping patterns?

4. Our Space

How are we going to set up the room? Who will provide the extras- carpet, TV, microwave, refrigerator, phone, etc.- if any? When will we lock the room? What are our needs for “alone time” in the room?

5. Our Stuff

What can be shared? What are the guidelines for borrowing things? Which items cannot be used by anyone other than the owner? Will we buy our own food or share?

6. Phone/TV/Music

How late is it okay for friends/family to call? How will we take messages for each other? Is it okay to answer your roommate’s cell phone? During what times is it okay for TV, video games, or music to be on? At what level?

7. Room Guests

Are overnight guests acceptable? How do we feel about guests of the same or opposite gender sleeping over? How often and under what conditions? How will we handle it when people drop by and one roommate is studying? What guidelines will be given to guests about the use of possessions and College policies?