Locking Your Windows

Is your window locked?

Keeping your window shut and locked when not in use will not only prevent theft, but will also conserve the energy needed to heat the building. Here’s how you can be sure you’re doing your part to stay safe and stay eco-friendly:

  1. With the window closed, push up on top part of the window otherwise known as the upper sash.
  2. Simultaneously, push down on the lower sash. Please note that this may take more than one person.
  3. Move the latch to the closed position by moving the latch left. When the latch engages correctly the window sashes will tend to pull together. If the latch is not aligned correctly, it will push the sashes apart.
  4. Double check: Try to open the locked window. Occasionally the latches will not catch – if you don’t check, you can’t be sure your window is properly locked!
an illustration showing the latch of a window lock moved to the left in locked position.

If you need help, please ask an RA or call Campus Safety at 269.337.7321