What to Pack: A Guide for New Students

Consult with your roommate about potential shared items (e.g. fridge, microwave) to save time and money!

  • Bedding/pillows/mattress pad (all beds are twin XL; linens are not available through the College)
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Cleaning supplies (students with shared bathrooms are responsible for cleaning their own)
  • Appliances (view the list of prohibited items under Residential Life policies)
  • Shower tote (most first-year students are assigned spaces with community bathrooms)
  • Flip flops/shower shoes/bath robe
  • Laundry bag/bin/basket
  • Hangers
  • Laundry detergent (residence hall laundry machines use high efficiency detergent, so look for something with the ‘HE’ label)
  • Seasonal clothes and shoes (Michigan has four distinct seasons and conditions vary greatly)
  • Sewing kit
  • Plastic crates or containers to use as organizers
  • Hooks with removable adhesive/over the closet hanger/other space-savers for storage
  • Alarm clock (if your phone does not have one)
  • Rugs (all residence hall rooms have tile floors)

Note: We do NOT keep specific measurements of rooms, so please do not call and ask us for your room dimensions!  This is a good purchase to make after you are here and have set up your room.

  • Fan (box fans fit in most windows and they also provide great “white noise” for sleeping)
  • Computer/printer (24-hour computer labs are available on campus)
  • Power strip to plug in multiple electronics (maximum rating of 15 amps and must offer surge suppression and circuit protection).  Devices that meet the standard are available at the College Bookstore.
  • Plastic cups/plates/bowls/utensils
  • iPod/CD player or other music device
  • Broom and dust pan or Swiffer (again, tile floors)
  • Posters/wall art (use poster putty or removable adhesive – no duct tape or nails)
  • Dry erase board for your door

*Please keep in mind that the College assumes no responsibility for loss or damage from any cause including, but not limited to, theft, electricity, water, and heat, to the personal property of residents.  Each resident is responsible for their own property and that of guests. The College encourages students to either make sure their possessions are covered under parents’ homeowners insurance, or obtain renters insurance.