Past Living-Learning Houses

2020-2021 Update

Per the College’s announcement to students and families, and due to space limitations, the residence halls will only house first-year and visiting international students. In an effort to promote social distancing efforts, the residence halls have been de-densified. Each student will have their own private room/bedroom but be charged the double room rate. The living-learning houses will be held offline for quarantine and isolation space. Please note that statements that appear throughout the website regarding the housing requirement or a building’s total occupancy and demographics may not necessarily be accurate this year due to the unprecedented circumstances.

2019-2020 Houses

114 Catherine
Environmental Justice

116 Catherine
Cathartic Crafting

Trowbridge Ground Level
Outdoor Education

1308 W. Lovell
Criminal Justice Reform

1316 W. Lovell
Women’s Empowerment

1328 W. Lovell
LLHU Resident Assistant

1338 W. Lovell
Home House

307 Monroe
Breaking Boarders

223 Monroe
Mujeres Unidas

217 Monroe
Celebration and Community